November 2012 Conference

November 10th Conference: Sleepwalking into Eugenics?

This section of the website provides all PowerPoint presentations that were used on the day of the conference held on Saturday 10th November 2012, entitled: ‘Sleepwalking into Eugenics? Genetic modification and Disabled people’.

The BSL videos are on a separate page. To view each PowerPoint, click on the link highlighted, and this will take you to the PowerPoint, which is hosted on ‘’. You can expand each presentation to cover the full screen and then click on the arrows at the base of the screen.

Part 1 – Conference Opening Slides

Part 2 – Gregor Wolbring: Eugenics, a matter of the past?

Part 3 – Q&A Session: Eugenics, a matter of the past? (No PowerPoints)

Part 4 – Changing Hearts and Minds

Part 5 – Q&A Session: Changing Hearts – Thank you roll call

Twitter commentary during and afer the conference

This project would not have been possible without the involvement of many individuals and organisations, and we feel it is important to give full recognition to all who played their part. (We apologise in advance if anybody is missing, please do contact us to let us know if there is someone we have missed.) We want to once again thank the Leverhulme Trust for funding the project, without which nothing would have been possible.